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Template Customisations

For all of our templates there are a range of customisation options.
These fall in to 2 categories.

1. Content

All content in terms of text is customisable, you choose what the titles say. If the video you choose includes photos or video content, this is customisable as well.

The script will tell you what content you need to provide. This might include video or photos, however if you don't have your own content you can take advantage of our membership to

Each video/photo template consists of up to 6 slides. If you are using video footage you may wish to use less that 6 and have the slide remain on screen longer.

2. Branding

Where there are coloured background in the template, you can choose the colour, gradient or pattern you want to place there.

We have a huge font library, but if you use a premium font for your business, you will need to provide this.

For music you can take advantage of our membership to find the perfect track to accompany your video. You can provide your own music track, but it is your responsibility to ensure you have the rights to use the track.

Different Customisations

Below is an example of a template with two different sets of customisations.

The Process

How it works

Once you have placed an order for this product, you will be invited to collaborate with us on your own designated project management space at

The template example will be available for you to leave comments on telling us the customisation you wish to make. An assets folder will be provided for you to upload any logos, fonts, photos or videos you wish to be added.

We will then get to work customising the template.

Once we have finished the video, it will be uploaded to your project space where you will be able to check and request any amendments to the edit. We will complete the final revisions and upload the finished film to the space for you to download.

How to use


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