Arts Videos

Whether it's a simple showreel
update or filming a live performance,
we love working with other artists.

Performers Videos

The Showreel Studio offers a range of packages to suit performers of all disciplines. Whether you need a simple showreel update, or want to start one from scratch, our team of creative professionals will work with you at every stage. If you need live performance filming of theatre or music productions, or live streaming of events, get in touch for a consultation.

Revise your reel

If your current reel needs an update with recent footage, we can facilitate the best methods of editing-in the new material. Your material can be transferred to us or delivered on hard drive/DVD. If you are London based you may also be able to take advantage of our onsite editing, and work beside your editor to advise every step of the way.

Editing from scratch

Whether it's your first ever showreel, or you've so much fresh material the old one is too outdated, we'll work with you to create a brand new video that captures your talent and creative vision. Ideal for celebrating recent successes.

Film a new scene

Bespoke film production available to create original showreel content. You can supply the script, concept and location, or work with our experienced team across all stages to deliver your ideal showreel piece. Perfect for showcasing talents hitherto unexplored and yet-to-be-staged performances.

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