Start Up Services

Affordable services, workshops
and tutoring to get you started
with video marketing.

Start-Up Services

We believe that all businesses should be able to utilise video as a marketing tool. Too often start-ups and SMEs are priced out of creative services, making it even harder to compete. We have created a collection of startup services to allow all business owners to make video a part of their marketing strategy.


We have a range packages created specifically for the needs of small businesses. You can take advantage of an individual service or combine them to build a more bespoke package. Services include voice overs, animated logo indents, animated gifs, typography videos, motion videos, and app videos. Check out our store for more information.


Jellymolds are a great way for businesses to utilise video on a regular basis at an affordable price. We can build you a branded template video, with your choice of text, video, graphics or photos. Once the template is created, we can produce new videos with new content as regularly as you need. This allows you to plan ahead for up to a years worth of video content, and pay a monthly subscription as low as £75.

Workshops and training

The devices in your bag and pocket contain cameras that can take brilliant pictures and shoot amazing HD video. The next trick, is knowing what to do with these captured moments and how to get them working for you professionally. Our workshops can help you and your team start producing a higher quality of video in house.

Crowd Funding Videos

Whichever crowd funding platform you choose to use, you will need a video to tell potential investors about your project. Over the years we have worked on some amazing campaigns, and can work with you to produce the video you need at an affordable cost. Get in touch to tell us about your project.