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About Us

We pride ourselves on the value for money and personal service we offer our clients. You can be confident our production packages or hourly hire rates will suit your budget and video production needs.

Check out our list of services for more details. We also run Special Offers of set packages that might suit your needs.

Meet the team

Chris Suffield

As the head writer, my passion for storytelling has been at the heart of all my work. Whatever your idea might be it all begins with a creative spark that needs to be nurtured. I work closely with clients to create script, copy and content that exceeds their expectations.

Lu Camish

As a Producer I feel it is important to be able to step in to any role on set. I have experience as a director, editor, camera operator, and DoP. Being detail orientated allows me to manage deadlines and budgets effectively, putting the client's needs first.

Mike Jelves

As a director and editor, I like to approach films and create solutions from both perspectives. I always have the audience's experience in mind and the client's best interests at heart. Everything starts with a good discussion about ideas, so let's talk.

Jellyfielders Crew

Anita Michelacci

Anita has experience of running film sets of all sizes, and has worked with us on some of our most ambitious projects to date

Marlon Trotman

Marlon has been working with us for over 5 years, producing amazing soundtracks for both corporate and creative films. He also created the Jellyfielders Theme Tune

The Fuzzies

Groot and Gizmo are important members of our team, whether keeping us company during edits, or starring in our short films, they are sure to bring a smile to our faces.

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